Over Hill, Over Dale

from by Milburn & Vigoda



Over hill, over dale,
down the road and down the line
over park, over pale
to the stage and spotlight shine
I do wander everywhere
swifter than the lunar sphere
following my lady's lead
to do whatever she may need

Over hill, over dale,
nowhere else I'd rather be
Over park, over pale,
it's the touring life for me

When autumn reaches glade and glen
I'll join the circus once again
but summer now I celebrate
and to the winds I cast my fate

Over hill, over dale,
to the tent and to the show
over park, over pale
where my lady goes, I go
I must go hide me out of sight
for far from here sleep I tonight.
Farewell thou silly fan girl, I'll be gone.
Our diva's entourage comes here anon.
With Oberon have I thrown in my lot
His attention have I well and dearly sought
He'll be this evening passing fell and wrath
Because Titania with her newfound fancy hath
appropriated his belov’d guitar,
his “changeling child,” and she hath hid it far
away from prying eyes of Oberon.
He begs her give it back, but she will none.
And now they'll never meet in grove or green,
by tour bus lounge or spangled starlight sheen,
but they do square that all their crew for fear
creep into empty bunks and hide them there.


from Midsummer Night demos, released May 5, 2014
lead vocal: Valerie Vigoda



all rights reserved


Milburn & Vigoda Los Angeles, California

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