Cobweb Moth and Mustardseed!
of your fine skills I am in need:
some lovers' progress to impede
with stealth, with slyness, and with speed
so cease your dancing
cease your juggling
clothe yourselves in vestments black
and join with me
for tricks and mischief
voices throw and branches crack
we'll four young persons misdirect
so their paths won't intersect.
we'll tire them out, we'll jape and clown
now let us lead them up and down

Up and down, up and down
let us lead them up and down,
here's the other, full of pride,
Cobweb, take him for a ride.

Up and down, up and down
which is sky and which is ground
turn them all the wrong way round
lead them up and lead them down

One is down, three are not
fretful fight now won't be fought
wring them 'til they're overwrought,
one is down, three are not...

Two and two, two and two,
beat the bushes, find a clue
mischief make and bedlam brew,
two and two, two and two.

Yet but three? Come one more;
Two of both kinds make up four.
thy sleeping brow no longer frown;
end thy wand'ring up and down.


from Midsummer Night demos, released May 5, 2014
vocal: Valerie Vigoda



all rights reserved


Milburn & Vigoda Los Angeles, California

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