Midsummer Night (single)

by Milburn & Vigoda



released November 26, 2012



all rights reserved


Milburn & Vigoda Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Midsummer Night
Ladies and Gentlemen, masters and mistresses
punters on bench seats and royals on thrones,
this is a musical, this is the overture,
so unwrap your candies and turn off your phones
musicals lately have not had an overture
we don't know why but it doesn't seem right
so we're bucking convention, yeah we're bucking convention
and this overture's the prelude to the madness of a midsummer night
midsummer night

this ain't no garden variety midsummer
couple of differences you oughta know
ours is a one-act with no intermission
so if you have to pee you should get up and go.
our show is set at a rock music festival
out in the woods where the glow sticks shine bright
for the next 90 minutes
a quick 90 minutes
we'll show ya the crazy things that happen on a midsummer night
midsummer night

these two are rock stars, they're pissed at each other (Oberon and Titania)
the mood in the green room is gloomy and black
she used to love him, but she's tired of him
she took his guitar and she won't give it back. (enough of a pause to see the animosity between them and have them exit)

we have cut all but one of the six rude mechanicals
Bottom the roadie is here all alone
he lifts amplifiers but his deepest desire's to
be onstage rocking the mic-a-r-ophone
(some kind of onstage business where he sneaks over to the mic as if to haul off and sing, but does something stupid and creates a lot of feedback/drops it/breaks it and slinks away before he can be found out.)

We've still got four lovers with two unrequited
These two are full up with love to the brim. (Lysander and Hermia)
But this one's engaged to be married to this one, (Demetrius & Hermia)
And I fear that she just isn't that into him.
and this one is crazily craving for this one (Helena for Demetrius)
but he won't look twice at her, try as she might
So this one likes that one likes that one likes this one, (Helena, Demetrius, Hermia, Lysander)
and that's where we are at the beginning of our midsummer night
midsummer night