Hannah Mae Sturges, Kyle Cooper, James Lynch, Hope Lauren - While You Were Sleeping

from by Milburn & Vigoda



This is a live recording from the Lillian Theatre, December 2012.


(genuinely worried he’s going to spurn her again)
Thus have I had thee, as a dream doth flatter,
In sleep a king, but waking no such matter.
Rise, resty love, and in my face survey
Are you my love? Is this the light of day?
(to Hermia)
my love, I reply, amazedly
half sleeping, half waking, but I swear
I can't truly say how this came to be
opening my eyes, here with you in the open air,

I think somehow a dream tore us apart
some nightmare that we fell into
but I tell you now straight from the heart
awaking I find I dream only of you.
While you were sleeping
you disappeared underneath your skin
with the love you'd been keeping
Oh, what a fool I've been
While you were sleeping
you had a drop overmuch to dream
and the tears I've been weeping
dry in the light of a bright sunbeam
(And by now, DEMETRIUS and HELENA are awake.)
(to Hermia and Lysander)
Fair Helen said you'd made up your mind
To the forest from Athens you would flee
And I giving chase followed close behind
in fury was I, with fair Helena following me
(turning to Helena)
to this maiden was I long betrothed
and I tell you I must have gone mad
for a sickness grew in me, so I loathed
the sight of this beauty I already had.

and I know not by what power
but by some power it is, and I must say
whatever love I had for Hermia
is now an idle fancy in the light of day

and in the daylight now, my darling
I beg you believe it, that this much is true:
all the faith, all the virtue of my heart
the object and pleasure of mine eye, for now until I die is only you.
While you were sleeping
I didn't dare to believe you're mine
but this love I've been keeping,
I give to thee if thou give(st) me thine
While you were sleeping
Some magic shifted my life around
and this heart started leaping,
when I awoke to the love I’d found
While you were sleeping,
while you were sleeping,
while you were sleeping...


from Midsummer Night demos, released May 5, 2014



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